Every Artist Needs Tools

We appreciate painters, writers, musicians, and actors. We call their work art, and so it is. There are more artists in our midst, artists who touch our lives with beauty.

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Landscapers are artists, too. As a painter has the empty canvas, and as the writer has the empty page, the landscaper has earth-soil, plants, the essence of land, upon which their art lives.

An artist needs more than space for their art. An artist needs tools and supplies: brushes, paint, keyboards, landscape rocks Jacksonville fl, shovels, hoes, and mulch.

A gorgeously landscaped space can be easily taken for granted. They are so easy on the eyes, a person has to consciously look for all the individual pieces making the work cohesively whole. Little flowers are planted and surrounded in rich soil. The flower beds are protected within the borders of treated timber. A stone path connects the flower beds to a reflective pool.  Each of these represent tools and supplies the landscape artist needed to make the artwork great, tools and supplies as vital as the time, labor, and talent of the landscaper.

Even the most talented landscaper can do very little without the right tools and supplies. Labor and talent are essential, but even they cannot make up for the lack of something to use, something to work with.

Without the appropriate tools and supplies, even the most talented landscape artist will leave a patch of green space just a patch of green space. With the tools and supplies in their talented hands, the landscaper will take that tiny green space of earth, and use it as a canvas for true art.

The art of the landscaper endures, thanks to their talent, their dedication to their craft, and to the needed tools and supplies.