Designing our brand new home in Wichita

Moving to Wichita never would have been my first choice, but because I was getting such a big raise from my company in order to move there, I seized the opportunity to make my family’s lives better.  I figured that since I was getting such a big raise, we would finally be able to get the house that we always wanted.  I did not want to end up just buying any old, run down home, however; instead, I wanted to have a home built to our specifications.  Prior to our move, I looked online and searched for custom designed home wichita in order to see if I could find someone to design our dream home for us.  There are a number of designers in the area, and so I needed to have conversations with them in order to make sure that they would be able to give me exactly what I wanted.

custom designed home wichita

I have a pretty big family, so we wanted to make sure that there were at least five bedrooms so that everyone’s needs could always be met.  Now, we did not need five bedrooms for everyone in the home, but an extra bedroom would add extra space to the home that we could use for other things.  After talking to a couple of different designers and telling them about my vision, I was finally able to find the one that I believed would be able to bring that vision to life.

After months of design and construction, we finally moved into our home last week.  It is everything that I had hoped for and more, and both my wife and our kids love it.  This is a brand new home that I will probably live in for the rest of my life.